Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why, Yes. He Could.

Following up on Attaturk's post....

I just love this little exerpt from the NYT's interview with the man who will not be the next senator from the state of New York:

Q. Jets or Giants?

A. I had breakfast about every morning when I am in town, or I should say, several mornings, at the Regency. I see my friends the Tisches. Steve Tisch is my close personal friend. I have been to more Giants games. I spent the holidays, I had lunch over the holidays with Woody Johnson. We met for the first time. I am happy for his team.

Who in God's name uses the prhase "my close personal friend" without his or her tongue firmly implanted in cheek? I'll tell you who: grasping, striving, social-climbing ding-dongs, that's who.

By the way, here's the breakfast menu for 540 Park, "The landmark venue for power breakfasts" in the Regency Hotel. What would you order for breakfast?

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