Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Could he be any slimier?

There's no doubt I am able to find more Republicans that are personally repugnant to me based on their ideological beliefs or rank stupidity. But that doesn't mean that sleaziness isn't similarly proportioned across Party lines. And few in the game are so palpably slimy as Harold Ford. Not only is he the only trying to pull something that not even Mitt Romney ever tried (yet) by losing the Senate in once place then a few years later running for the Senate in a whole other place, but insincerity just oozes from every pore.

Not only does he flip-flop at every opportunity on reproductive and marital rights, but the guy is a shitty politician and could not help but pick the worst possible places to associate himself with before running:

After Mr. Ford, a five-term Tennessee congressman, arrived in New York, he took a job as a vice chairman at Merrill Lynch (now Bank of America). But he kept a toe in politics, becoming a commentator on Fox and then NBC, which features him several days a week on programs like MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”...

Mr. Ford declined to discuss what he is paid by the bank, but publicly available data suggests that he earns at least $1 million a year.

A person who whores themselves out without any quid pro quo being involved is simply a slut.

I should add, it's not just that Ford is patently corrupt, if you read the interview at the link, it comes across he's so ideological flimsy and fucked up that if he had a battle of wits with Sarah Palin it would be a draw. He has no actual core beliefs at all so he comes across as an absolute tool -- in much the same way Palin is so rote in her believes that she's unable to even understand what they mean. One has the spine of a jellyfish the other the balance of a jellyfish's central nervous system i.e. ganglia, but add them together and you have one giant slander against coelenterates.

(Fez tip Balloon Juice)

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