Thursday, January 21, 2010

Well Letterman bookers here's your plan

Here we go:

NBC and representatives for Conan O'Brien have finally signed their long-anticipated deal for O'Brien to leave "The Tonight Show" and the network, a person close to the negotiations said early Thursday.

A formal announcement is expected later today...

Once O'Brien signs off Friday, the deal with NBC give "Tonight Show staff just a few weeks to clear out of their newly built offices on the Universal City lot. A non-dispargement clause will prevent O'Brien or NBC from directly taking potshots at each other in the press

O'Brien is expected to keep a low profile in the weeks after he leaves "Tonight," most likely not doing interviews or talk show appearances right away.

Leno re-steals the tonight show where he can wantonly steal material and make jokes about Letterman's fidelity after the Olympics end in early March.

Let me be -- what must be by now the 10,000th person to suggest that Letterman's first guests on Leno's first night back be...

...Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter. Dave can just sit there making wisecracks and Conan can sing his refusal to comment.

And his next...

...the Masturbating Bear, with his cousin the Masturbating FOX (I guess that would be Bill O'Reilly).

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