Monday, January 18, 2010


I just took a long walk with my friend J, who told me that earlier today, her beau had the television tuned to some morning program (no idea if it was network or cable) and that the bottle-blonde hostess said the following (paraphrasing, but I've got the best bits):

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!  If MLK were alive today, what would his relationship with Barack Obama be like?  Some people say they'd be frenemies ....

I need one of you Hegemaniacs to come over here and kill me right now.  I quit cable over a year ago and as a result, I only turn on my TV to watch "Frontline", "60 Minutes", and the occasional sporting event (e.g., last night's Jets/Chargers game), but even hearing about some of the nonsense that goes on in our media makes me insane.  

Update:  I just had an email from J:  it was MSNBC.  Why am I not surprised?

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