Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Set Your Watches

According to Newsday, the tar-er-rist will hit 'murica on about the day Bush gives his acceptance speech to the GOP Convention.

More financial institutions than previously disclosed may be at risk of attack, and an al-Qaida operative has told British intelligence that the group's target date is early September, intelligence sources said yesterday.

The operative, described as "credible" by British intelligence, told his debriefers that the attack would take place "60 days before the presidential election" on Nov. 2, according to a former senior National Security Council official. On Sept. 2 President George W. Bush is expected to address the Republican National Convention at Madison Square Garden.

How's your cloak?

And your dagger?

Because this smells of Rovian political theatre to Attaturk -- that THESE particular dates would be leaked to the waiting gob of the so-called liberal media.

Suddenly, a FOILED terrorist attack on September 2, 2004, allows President Bush to strike to the podium at Madison Square Garden, square his shoulders, stick out his chin and proclaim he is keeping the nation safe from tar'er.

Also tends to keep those protests numbers down, and/or marginalize them to make them look like they do not love their country [like wingers need incentive -- but moderates do].

Doesn't seem far-fetched anymore does it?

May I add, damn them for making me think like this. I am not big on conspiracies (Oswald acted alone dammit, we DID land on the moon, etc.) but their actions spell out full-well why even non-tinfoil-hatters feel this way after a while.

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