Saturday, September 24, 2005

And to think, it could be worse

Worse than our current occupant in the White House. You know it is nice to see the GOP fracturing at the (de)base, but it also makes you realize that as lazy and petulant as he is, there are many in that party that are even worse. Moron Junction posted this email with some approval:

SELLOUTS [Jonah Goldberg]

Oh the mood is ugly. This is from a reader working at a major Big Government cabinet agency (I don't want to out him, but think Department of Labor, but worse):

I can totally sympathize. DeLay's comment that there was nothing in the federal budget to cut was demoralizing. Bush accepting the "discrimination causes poverty" argument was pretty bad, too. And if I hear another "Syria isn't being helpful" whine from the administration, I'm going to explode. What the hell are stealth bombers for? It's hard enough being a black Republican in D.C. without having to defend these sellouts.

Posted at 03:16 PM

Holy shit, what the hell would this moron be doing if he had more power than he does and wasn't some middling political hack in labor?

No doubt this walking asshat was leading the fight against Davis-Bacon.

Jeebus, what a scary bunch of people.

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