Friday, September 23, 2005

The Real Disastrous Numbers

Here is a poll that demonstrates why and how, in stark terms, the country is waking up to the crimes of George W. Bush:

A CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll released Thursday indicated fewer than half of Americans believe the United States will win the Iraq war, and 55 percent of those surveyed said it should speed up withdrawal plans.

Only 21 percent said the United States definitely would win the war in Iraq, which began when a U.S.-led coalition invaded in 2003 to topple Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Another 22 percent said they thought the United States probably would win.

Twenty percent of respondents said the United States was capable of winning in Iraq -- but probably would not. And 34 percent said they considered the war unwinnable.

Those numbers are going to get worse. Because sadly, the war's goals (all 472 of them -- collect your own!) as uttered by Bush and his minions are not going to be accomplished.

But Bush's own rhetoric distances himself more from reality and depends more upon the old tautology of anyone who starts a bad war with a bad result.

With a large anti-war demonstration planned outside the White House this weekend, Bush said Thursday the United States can lose in Iraq only "if we lose our nerve and abandon the mission."

Most of us now call that "projection".

The same utterances could have been, and have been made in some form by the following:

Richard Nixon
Lyndon Johnson
Douglas MacArthur
Alexander Kerenski
Kaiser Wilhelm
Napolean III

ad nauseum

His arguments are tired, his lies apparent. But his stubborness and determination to not face reality are not going away.

Most unfortunate for the people of Iraq and many, many soldiers, most of whom are American.

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