Thursday, September 29, 2005

Might I suggest "Soap Dropper" for Tom Delay?

Via cat fancier Kevin Drum comes a link to this, the George W. Bush "nickname" chart:

Nicknames granted by President George W. Bush. Many stupid, some insulting, some not even nicknames. I've added occasional comment.

Joe Allbaugh - Big Country
Fred Barnes - Barney
Max Baucus - Maxie
Tony Blair - Landslide
Barbara Boxer - Ali
Martha Brant - Martita
Michael D. Brown - Brownie
Frank Bruni - Pancho
George H.W. Bush - Poppy
George W. Bush - Dubya, Bushie (Foul: You cannot give yourself a nickname)
Laura Bush - Bushie (what? no "Lump"?)
Carl Cameron - Camarones
Andrew Card - Tangent Man
Paul Cellucci - Cellooch
Dick Cheney - Big Time
Jean Chr├ętien - Dino (as in Dinosaur)
Susan Collins - Sweet Susan
John Cornyn - Corndog
Candy Crowley - Dulce
Mitch Daniels - The Blade
Tom Davis - T.D.
John Dickerson - Dick
Maureen Dowd - Cobra
Dianne Feinstein - Frazier
Barney Frank - Sabretooth
Bill Frist - Fristy
Rich Galen - Richie
Alberto Gonzales - Fredo (That must be comforting)
David Gregory - Little Stretch
Stephen Hadley - Hads
Dennis Hastert - Speak
Pete Hoekstra - Pedro
Karen Hughes - High Prophet, The Enforcer, Hurricane Karen (what no "Snatchsquatch"?)
Tim Hutchinson - Hutch
David Jackson - Action Jackson
Lee Jackson - Action Jackson (Jeebus, he really likes Carl Weathers doesn't he?)
Ted Kennedy - Senator (Oh, the wit)
Pete King - Pedro
Mort Kondracke - Morton (Excuse me, I'm informing the nickname police)
Dennis Kucinich - Mayor
Dick Kyle - Stretch
Ken Lay - Kenny Boy
Larry Lindsey - Thunderbolt Lindsey
Mitch McConnell - Mitchie
Mark McKinnon - M-Cat
George Miller - El Grande Jorge
Ben Nelson - Nellie, Benny, Benator
Colin Powell - Balloonfoot
Vladimir Putin - Pootie-Poot
Condoleezza Rice - Guru
Karl Rove - Boy Genius, Turd Blossom
John Rowland - Johnny
Bill Sammon - Super Stretch
Olympia Snowe - The Big O (Ugh!)
John Sweeney - Congressman Kick-Ass
George Tenet Brother George
Tommy Thompson - Double T
Fred Upton - Freddo
Ann Veneman - Bullets
Paul Wellstone - Pablo
George Will - The Commissioner
Patricia Wilson - Outback Woman ("Bloomin' Moron?")
Robert Zoellick - The Adding Machine

Anyhoo, any other suggestions?

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