Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"Heck of a Job"

Brownie, aka Drownie, nka Clownie put in quite a performance yesterday...even with Republicans pretty much being the only attendees:

Pointing his finger, pounding the table, Brown veered from his prepared testimony to insist: "I get it" and "I know what it's all about," and "I know what I am doing" and "I do a pretty darn good job." This display produced gasps and chuckles in the gallery.

Brown did nothing to win over his questioners. Rep. William J. Jefferson (D-La.) had to repeat a question because Brown was reading his BlackBerry.

But eventually, after putting on a dog & (arabian) pony show, Brownie stumbled into inadvertently pointing the finger at Dear Leader & Gang:

Rep. Henry Bonilla (R-Tex.) elicited the biggest confession. "One of my frustrations over the past three years has been the emaciation of FEMA," Brown told him. Speaking of dwindling funds and a "brain drain," Brown said he struggled just "to keep that place together" and asserted that he "predicted privately for several years that we were going to reach this point."

Uh-Oh, Brownie is even incompetent at protecting Bush's ass.

Finally, this parting shot from Republican Christopher Shays:

"I have come to the conclusion that this administration values loyalty more than anything else," Shays said, "more than competence or, frankly, more than the truth. And you have reinforced that view. . . . I'm left with the feeling [that] the administration feels they have to protect you."

Gee, Congressman, you think?

See below.

Think Progress exposes more of Brownie's lyin' incompetent ass.

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