Friday, September 23, 2005

Why they are the GOLD STANDARD for the 500 fuckwits

The things you read in Der Faule Sturmer:

First, Peggy Noonan continues on her extraordinary roll on — which shouldn't surprise any of us, since Ms. Noonan always rises to the occasion on big stories, such as Katrina.

Her point today is that the big-spending ways of the Bush era are a threat to conservatism, and this should be at least debated (and perhaps repudiated). In short: the most thoughtful, rigorous, and romping political must-read of the post-Katrina era.

And the bizarro world of the Note doesn't end there...

David Brooks, proving yet again that he is the best columnist today writing about the Democratic Party, looks at this week's Kerry and Edwards Katrina-driven speeches — finding the former angry and unconstructive, and the latter thoughtful and productive — and then closes with a final graph as must-readable as the whole piece:

"I have discussions with my Democratic friends over whether the party will snap back to Clintonite centrism after the polarizing Bush leaves town. Some think yes. I suspect no. As Kerry's speech shows, the emotional tenor of the party has changed. The donors are aroused. Bush may end up changing the Democratic Party more than his own."

Oh, in the words of Noonan near dead Reagan's casket...

"Fuck me!"

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