Sunday, September 25, 2005

Fascism on the March

Many conservatives dislike the tone of Robert Fisk.

In fact, Sully, in the past, made it one of his life's missions to mock and abuse Fisk because the latter took such pains to point out the shortcomings of American foreign and military policy. This bookends in success with Sullivan's other accomplishment, supporting politicians whose strongest supporters view people like Andrew Sullivan as untermenschen.

I notice, however, that now that many of Fisk's assertions of the ineffectiveness of the Bush Administration's Iraq policy have been shown to be ... shall we say prescient then Sully's that I haven't read too many "Fiskings" at this site lately?

But that won't stop the Bush Administration, who get mad and ham-handed:

U.S. immigration officials refused Tuesday to allow Robert Fisk, longtime Middle East correspondent for the London newspaper, The Independent, to board a plane from Toronto to Denver. Fisk was on his way to Santa Fe for a sold-out appearance in the Lannan Foundation’s readings-and-conversations series Wednesday night.

According to Christie Mazuera Davis, a Lannan program officer, Fisk was told that his papers were not in order.

I'm betting the defect in his "papers" was his name.

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