Friday, September 23, 2005


Dear Pope-n-fresh:

Last week I wrote to you regarding the Church's plan to kick out celibate gay priests -- apparently by creating a culture of fear, lies, and deception. In other words the Church is goin' OLD SCHOOL!

But now something has come to my attention, from the home state of the man who once claimed that pedophilia was a "liberal Boston-thing only", your buddy, Ricky "Humanus-Canis Amor" Santorum.

I submit to you this item of news:

A grand jury report on sexually abusive priests in the Philadelphia Archdiocese saved some of its harshest criticism for Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua, archbishop from 1988 to 2003 - accusing him of engaging in a well-planned cover-up.

Bevilacqua and his predecessor, the late Cardinal John Krol, knew that priests were involved in "massive amounts of child molestations and sexual assaults" but chose to conceal the abuse rather than notifying police or removing offenders, the report said.

While Krol was archbishop, starting in 1961, concealment mainly involved persuading victims' parents not to report the crimes to police and transferring priests to other parishes, the grand jury found.

Bevilacqua, who was trained as an attorney, continued many of Krol's policies with the goal of avoiding evidence that would implicate either him or the archdiocese, the report said. But he also went a step further, grand jurors said, introducing new polices designed to avoid both negative publicity and the newer threat of expensive lawsuits.

Cardinal Bevilacqua the grand jury found "...encouraged that parishioners be misinformed". I'm no seminarian, but that strikes me as oh, I dunno, TWO SINS and a crime!

Frankly, Holy Fuhrer, this strikes me as a wee bit creepy in the wake of this discovery, is that one of the things they said about the Cardinal was, "He especially loved visiting schools and meeting the children of the diocese."

Yet the Cardinal is one of the best backers of the "Culture of Life":

"My sisters and brothers, I am asking you to cry out. I am asking you to take up the pro-life banner by living pro-life lives every day and doing everything in your power to promote a pro-life lifestyle. Do not be afraid to speak up for life. Do not be afraid to speak up against whatever threatens life. If the weak and marginalized continue to be exploited, by our silence we betray not only our Christianity, but our humanity."

To paraphrase GENESIS 6:13: OOPS!

Now, fortunately for the Cardinal, the statute of limitations for his crimes appears to have run out. So, he'll get to live out a quiet and comfortable retirement. And I guess, like Cardinal Law before him, he'll get protected by you -- the leader of the Church.

Of course, that does seem to be your style, to cover up the diddlin' and the groppin' and the forcible butt lovin' with young children.

I'm not condemning. I'm just some irreligious guy who's managed to neither engage in pedophilia, nor encouraged it.

In fact, I've managed to go through my four-decades of life without ever saying a kind or protective word for child molesters. Why I even managed to avoid seeing the "WOODSMAN" though I understand Kevin Bacon is terrific in it. By the way, did you know that thanks to people like you, Cardinal Law, and Cardinal Bevilacqua, there is only ONE DEGREE OF SEPARATION between you and Kevin Bacon. Congrats, that is quite the coup.

Meanwhile, Papal-dude, you are, as mentioned above, engaging in a purge of anyone who has pretty much expressed a gay thought, even if they are celebate and have never engaged in any kind of pederasty. Yet those who enabled and protected pedophiles and lied to their flock about it, are neither defrocked or even punished because if you are a bigwig in the Church, God lets you get a few free touches or criminal conspiracies for avoiding the sinful decadence of the orgasm in the company of a friend. And they say you guys got rid of indulgences!

But while you are persecuting priests that possess the "gay gene" as not being worthy of priests, I refer to you the example of one, the late Father Mychal Judge.

Father Judge you may recall was killed at the Twin Towers on September 11th (remember that, that's the thing that let us somehow start a war in Iraq...that sin of war you talk less about then the demon seed of sexual congress). Father Judge was a gay priest. A celibate gay priests and a beloved one by the New York Fire Department. He died administering to the injured, dying, and wounded on that day -- until he too perished.

And speaking of this apparently accursed gay priest, I understand the Church is often drawing analogies between one thing and another, so perhaps you don't want to dwell on this one too much...but in regards to Father Judge I submit to you this compare and contrast photo of his death and another gentlemen you may be familiar with:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Makes you think doesn't it?

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