Wednesday, September 21, 2005


We all know that the Senate Majority Leader and physician loves to diagnose via videotapes [recently Dr. Frist observed from watching a videotape that it appeared "Ms. Jameson and her partner are aroused"].

We all know that he enjoyed vivasecting "fluffy" & "snowball"

And now we know that he seems to have supernatural powers of stock prediction -- or, more likely he's a criminal:

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, a potential presidential candidate in 2008, sold all his stock in his family's hospital corporation about two weeks before it issued a disappointing earnings report and the price fell nearly 15 percent...

... Blind trusts are used to avoid conflicts of interest. Assets are turned over to a trustee who manages them without divulging any purchases or sales and reports only the total value and income earned to the owner.

To keep the trust blind, Frist was not allowed to know how much HCA stock he owned, Call said, but he was allowed to ask for all of it to be sold.

Frist, a surgeon first elected to the Senate in 1994, had been criticized for maintaining the holdings while dealing with legislation affecting the medical industry and managed care. Call said the Senate Ethics Committee has found nothing wrong with Frist's holdings in the company in a blind trust.

"To avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest Senator Frist went beyond what ethics requires and sold the stock," Call said. Asked why he had never done so before, she said, "I don't know that he's been worried about it in the past."

Of course, this kind of corruption could actually be of assistance for a Republican running for President. We all know now, don't we, that the real crime is marrying a women who has money right?

Someday, this may lead to a reality show like it did for Martha Stewart. That, of course, would be a "bad" thing.

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