Wednesday, September 28, 2005

How Fascism Works

Is how this Administration works as well.

When ever someone comes forward that makes them look bad by know...facts, they don't try to correct things, they don't try to find the truth, they don't try to help the country.

No, they try to cover their asses by attacking the bearer of the bad news as a traitor or a lowlife.

The "respect the troops" -- as long as the troops stand at attention for Dear Leader.

This is disgusting and oh so predictable from the Bushies:

An Army captain who reported new allegations of detainee abuse in Iraq said Tuesday that Army investigators seemed more concerned about tracking down young soldiers who reported misconduct than in following up the accusations and investigating whether higher-ranking officers knew of the abuses...

...Captain Fishback, speaking publicly on the matter for first time, said the investigators who have questioned him in the past 10 days seemed to be less interested in individuals he identified in his chain of command who allegedly committed the abuses.

"I'm convinced this is going in a direction that's not consistent with why we came forward," Captain Fishback said in a telephone interview from Fort Bragg, N.C., where he is going through Army Special Forces training. "We came forward because of the larger issue that prisoner abuse is systemic in the Army. I'm concerned this will take a new twist, and they'll try to scapegoat some of the younger soldiers. This is a leadership problem."

No shit.

This is exactly what they did with Abu Ghraib.

Meanwhile, the "war porn" recently spoken about on the progressive blogosphere will lead to no prosecution whatsoever.

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