Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A Load of Pantload

Not content with making an ass of himself by mocking Katrina's victims...BEFORE the hurricane hit. Private Jonah decides to bash African-Americans by bashing Gays.

He's just a swell guy all around:

The press was blindsided again. As Hurricane Rita barreled toward Key West, television news executives were unprepared to deal with the lamentable divide this storm would undoubtedly reveal between gay America and straight America.

You'd think the media would have learned their lesson. After Katrina, the press corps waited a full two days after the storm hit before it was able to report that one of America's poorest and blackest cities was full of poor and black people. Surely, this time around the Fourth Estate would hit the ground running with up-to-the-minute exposes on the "Other" Other America and trenchant-yet-lachrymose essays on What This Says About America, that one of America's zestiest gay resorts was left to twist in the wind.

The questions raised by unlovely Rita are as painful as they are obvious. Will gays stay behind in disproportionate numbers in this disproportionately gay city? If so, Why? If gay marriage were legalized, could some of this disaster be avoided? Would George W. Bush have responded more quickly if the victims were just a tad less stylish? And, of course: Will the federal government help keep Key West festive?

What a cretin.

There's more, and one has to really enjoy how much James Wolcott gets under the pantload's skin.

Found via Pandagon (or Pants-a-gone as I'd prefer it)

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