Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Hat Trick in Pictures

Throw in "Go Fuck Yourself" fucking himself and it becomes a glorious oh-fer for the GOP clusterfuckers. Nice job, that's what happens when you nominate a simpleton and a bitter old man.

This is a tad Bush family centric, but they are just a gold mine of material.

In a way I'll miss them.

But not nearly enough to not want them out of the public eye.

His smile shows that Preznit Bunnypants arrived at the debate after eating a big ol' bowl of shit for dinner.

"Oh Canada!
I guess I need your drugs."

The Bush women, two-thirds by prescription.

Part I: "Furthermore, the President had Osama bin Laden trapped in Tora Bora and let him get away and say he was unconcerned about him."

Part 2: "I've never taken my eye off of Saddam Hussein. Furthermore, I did not just shit in my pants, that is one of what you call egs-zagz-ur-ray-shuns"

"And further more, my faith has helped me in any number of ways, including when Jeebus helped cure my spastic colon."

"I hate myself."

One more debate and they'd show up topless.

"Okay girls, on the count of three we uncross our legs and make like Sharon Stone."

Please don't touch my back.

Not-Jenna's Arizona Burrito makes a return engagement to her family's amusement. At least it was aimed at Giuliani.

And now a short story in four parts...

"Say Senator, do you know why McCain is consoling my Jenna?"

"I have no idea you simpering, wired-up, hunch-backed, jackass."

"I know this may not be the best time to tell you George. But I think Jenna is pregnant with my Republican Maverick seed."

"Why you basta...Oooooh, lights...shiny"


And now back to our regular feature.

"On behalf of Lynne and myself, I'd like to say that I am tired of Senator Kerry and Senator Edwards exploiting our dyke daughter. She's the only thing that keeps me from looking like a complete asshole, and I demand sole exclusivity in exploiting her lifestyle."

"Mentioning that my daughter is a lesbian was a cheap political stunt and proves that not only am I better at discussing lesbians but also that Senator Kerry is not as good a man as I am."

Good form.

Four people, two and a half minds on drugs.

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