Thursday, October 14, 2004

Looks like I picked a bad night to give up Cable News...

From what is being said, my Tweety prediction turned out to be off a bit as I hear generally only Pat Buchanan called the debate for Dear Leader. Andrea Mitchell called it a draw -- while also harping on Kerry about Social Security WHILE NOT disclosing, or having anyone else disclose who her fucking husband is.

...sorry, "fucking" husband is probably not an accurate description of Alan Greenspan.

Later in the evening it is reported that Joe Scarborough was so hard up for guests after Carrot Top turned him down, that he had to call upon another obnoxious redheaded comedian Kathy Griffin. Griffin proceeded to pound Scarborough and his Bush love, as furiously as Bill O'Reilly pounds his pud when he is on the phone with Laurie Dhue. Suddenly, Kathy Griffin is now far less obnoxious.

And then, I guess, Bill Schneider of all people put his marshmallow head upon CNN and despite his AEI credentials called Kerry the clear winner of the debate.

Jeebus, it's not even close to a full moon. What is more, the events of the night are not fully reported yet, there was yet more to come.

Digby reports:

I don't know if anyone saw Wes Clark "interviewed" by Sean Hannity just now, but it almost came to blows. Riveting exchange as Clark called Bush a cheerleader and Hannity said Kerry was a war criminal.

Hannity tried to say that Kerry voted against all the weapons systems and that Saddam would still be a threat if he had been president and all the usual blather and Clark was having none of it. Hannity was all red faced and stomping his tiny feet and on the verge of tears.

The control room had to step in and cut it off. Brilliant. I love Wes Clark.

Jimminy Jeebus, what an evening I slept through.

Oh, but sorry Red Sox fans.

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