Thursday, June 30, 2005


Dear Popenfaust;

Well, it appears your appeal to the Spanish to tell those gay folks to continue to live in doubled sin did not work too well. And then, the Canadians, who I noticed you did not say frippin' squat about, came out and allowed those with "the gay" to marry too.

I guess my first question is, do you care more about Spain than Canada? Why would that be? Is it because efforts at the "Canadian Inquisition" never got beyond the famous battle over "slashing" versus "high-sticking"?

Second, if "living together" without marriage is also a sin, which is worse, heterosexuals living "in sin" or gay people living in sin, and if you don't allow gay people to marry, are you not propogating sin one way or the other?

My final question is, where is your magic pope-machine going to go next?

And next time, could you maybe think about condemning war a little bit more please?

Guten tag.

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