Monday, June 20, 2005

Damn you Jeb Bush!

Between you and Kathryn Lopez, you keep making me agree with John Derbyshire!

A fundametnal principle of conservatism, it seems to me, is that the infinite resources of the State -- the legions of lawyers, investigators, police, etc. -- should not be brought to bear on a lone citizen unless that citizen is a danger to public order in some obvious way. I dare say there are people who think this of Michael Schiavo; but I do not believe that Jeb Bush is one of those people.

His motivation here can only be to line up the influence and money of the right-to-life organizations on his side in future political campaigns. For this, Michael Schiavo is to be put to further trouble, expense, and humiliation at the hands of Florida state employees. Jeb Bush's actions are cynical and unconscionable, and I can't see that you have to be on my side of the Schiavo case to think so.

A google search reveals no Michael Schiavo Defense Fund. If one should come up, though, I personally shall be writing them a check.

Dammit, I'm supposed to mock "Derb" not praise him.

It's a violation of the Prime Directive, or a disturbance in the Force!

It's a violation of Hari Seldon's Laws of Psychohistory!

It's enough to make even the Mule cry.

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