Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Call to Snark

Apparently the recent Supreme Court decision on eminent domain has triggered more than a few efforts of developers to take action making a political statement. One such developer wants Justice David Souter's land. Which is sad, because frankly its not like Souter has much of a life outside of the court other than his family home. But mostly it's kind of funny.

But why stop there? If the new standard is private property can be seized by private developers through the government if it serves a public benefit there is only one thing to do.

Calling on George Soros and a wide variety of progressive investors, I suggest we apply to the McLennan County, Texas zoning board for the commercial use of 2,000 acres for a public benefit of substantial need.


Sure it might end up depriving Dear Leader of the Western White House, but dammit, this is science and it would employe so many, many people. It would be good for Crawford, Texas; Good for McLennan County; Good for Texas; Good for America.

I'm sure Mr. Bush won't mind, is he an america hater?

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