Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Wolves and the Pretext for War

Or just substitution mass confusion inside their heads?

Apparently as our friends at BuzzFlash point out, the farthest among the right wing hawks in the Bush mistaken-administration are pro-fundamentalism in Iraq. Does that really come as a surprise to anyone?

These people are not pro-war "hawks," you know what they are? They are "Wolves." That is: A group looking to hunt down and attack people, bomb countries, persecute beliefs that don't agree with, and confront ideologies that are different than their own even if in the rare instance that they are humane and successful. These Wolves profit from the Bush regime creation of perpetual war either through the making and advanement of their careers or the billions lining the pockets of their corporate masters. Are you listening Dick Cheney?

They remain convinced of their correctness from a combination of extreme religious belief, sociological ignorance, and geopolitical meglamania. And you cannot prove to them that they are incorrect regardless of the power of the evidence that you muster. They are Wolves not Hawks. And, no Mr. President -- it is not a good thing.

We need new terminology for these people for whom war is a full time occupation and enjoyment (clearly they relish doing it). That is why I call them Wolves. It is so unfortunate that they have forgotten the wise words of soldiers gone-by who proclaimed to their last number that war was to remain the final measure and last instance rather than the first or convenient pursuit. Yes, that means you should not go to war just because your hungry for higher poll numbers, want to establish a military base, or to clean up daddy's mess, or just because maybe you like killin'.

You are a wolf.

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