Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Pop Music Link(s)

My friends in these dark times of faux leadership from the feckless wonder, the one and only declarin' victory bag o' crap, mission accomplished lying douche bag (an insult to hygiene products to be sure) George W. Bush, we need occasional fun and enjoyment to take our minds off this tragedy.

To that end I recommend playing around with the selections from the Rock Snob's Dictionary at the Rock Snob website. You can also get a look at the rock snob term of the day.

But the most terrifying thing about the rock snob site is the sheer number of entries I was able to identify, which only confirms my worst fears about myself!

Although while I am at it, check out this Music Map site. It is also fun. Put in the name of a band and watch the map spread out. It almost makes you forget who much of screw up dear leader is. Almost.

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