Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Just Think Daryn -- Prison Sex

It'll be like sleeping with the condemned at a Hormel Processing Plant!

Judge OKs subpoenas of Limbaugh doctors

Prosecutors can subpoena Rush Limbaugh's doctors as part an investigation into whether the conservative radio commentator illegally bought painkillers, a judge ruled Monday.

Judge David F. Crow ruled that Florida laws do not prevent doctors from talking with prosecutors if the discussion is relevant to the prosecution of a crime.

The decision gave prosecutors permission to subpoena doctors and their staff, but it also protected confidential material in Limbaugh's medical records.

The judge noted that Florida law prohibits the discussion of a patient's medical condition and information disclosed by a patient during treatment.

But it won't prevent disclosure of how many times Big Pharma got himself a prescription to the Hillbilly Heroin.

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