Saturday, February 25, 2006

Being Charitable

The incomparable Wolcott tries his best when commenting on this powerful critique, to cast the Chimperor Disgustus in the best possible light. But still, the disaster of George W. Bush shines through all too clearly:

Poor President Bush, prince of fools. He let the neoconservative creative destructors play upon his religiosity (and Cheney's power hunger) and persuade him that the overthrow of Saddam Hussein would be a transformative moment that would set democracy and freedom in motion across the region, and crown him in history with Churchillian honor. I believe Bush wanted democracy in Iraq, or convinced himself that he believed it after the Chalabi-as-chess-king scheme fell through, because such belief flatters his pride in his own idealism. But the intellectual architects of the policy didn't care. If there was peace and stability in the new Iraq that would strength America's power in the region and bolster Israeli security, fine; if Iraq fissured into factional strife, fire, and chaos, better still.

Even sarcastically I am not willing to be that generous.

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