Thursday, February 23, 2006

"Hi, I'm George W. Bush, and do you want money from the Government?"

Take it from me, George W. Bush, no one ever worked less to get ahead than I did. And I have tips for you as to how to get more money out of government programs than ever before!

First, are you a Republican of limited qualification, but still required a high-paying six-figured salary for which you possess no skills whatsoever? Well, look no further than old George here. Write to Me, George W. Bush, the "W" stands for "money" and I'll give it to YOU! Yes YOU!

You can get big money from the government for simply sweating!

If you're a Republican, why you can even fail in one project and we'll even put you in charge of a bank!

Or an international institution!

Or even a WAR!

Need a little cash so you can get out of trouble? Then look no further than my government!

Enrich your friends!

Enrich the rich!

Send your request, and a copy of your voter registration to: "George W. Bush, 1600 Pennsylvania, Avenue, Washington, D.C."

And it's as simple as JUST BEING A REPUBLICAN!

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