Saturday, February 25, 2006

South Dakota

I'm waiting for this chump to live up to his principles and make his own sacrifice.

For him that would be outlawing masturbation in the State of South Dakota. Let's see how he feels about not having sexual intercourse with the one he loves. Because, to the extent he's ever had sex with a woman, it could not have been out of love and respect for her as an individual.

Meanwhile, being familiar with both North and South Dakota I can tell you that two more barren states do not exist. I'm not sure, in fact, whether North Dakota if it had to apply for Statehood now has the necessary population. That's how fast people flee.

But in the, which state is worse category? South Dakota just took the crown. "Fuck you Pierre", "Up Yours Sioux Falls!".

Photo from TBogg.

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