Friday, February 17, 2006

Moose Droppings

The Bullshit Moose is better than you, the Bullshit Moose is better than all of you. The Bullshit Moose is better looking that you too. In fact, it is clear that the Lord God himself has allowed his holy light to shine out the Bullshit Moose's sweet smelling anus.

For the the Bullshit Moose has had richer and more fulfilling sexual experiences than you as well. From grazing between the moist loins of a caribou named Phyllis to a Buck named James Jeffrery or some such.

The Bullshit Moose communes with 'the Almighty' each and every morning, where God thanks him for the advice on how to handle all who deviate from the line of thought the Bullshit Moose imparts upon all of us to live by.

Bow down ye craven non-believers and repent. Thou hast been warned.

Now giveth unto to Bullshit Moose his DLC tithing.

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