Saturday, February 25, 2006


About six months ago it was admitted that there was but ONE IRAQI batallion capable of fighting on its own without the United States help. But Rummy et al said "hey they are really progressing in their training".

Then a few weeks ago we heard that after all these months of training it was again admitted that there was still but ONE IRAQI batallion capable of fighting on its own without the United States help.


And the news gets even BETTER a few weeks later when you find out a few weeks later that there are NO IRAQI batallions capable of fighting on their own without the United States help.

Altogether now....


I mean Jesus Mohammad and Abraham; Larry Moe and Curly!!!, how the fuck does anyone in this Administration have a job? How were they ever employed? How the hell are they able to bamboozle anyone?

Steve Gilliard is probably right, the one unit that had previously been trained was the one exposed as engaging in "death squad activity", let's call them 'the 101st Negropontes'.

BushCo does not have the competence to clip their own toenails, let alone engage in policy decisions.

It's bad enough that they lied to us about the war -- that's a fucking war crime. But they cannot plan a war for shit.

Gandhi was a better military strategist than these dumbasses. Fuck, GUMBY, could do better.


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