Friday, February 24, 2006

By Popular Demand...Our Question of the Week

From Atrios: what he calls the "Moustache of Understanding", a column that can only make one say whaaa the fuck?

As a country, we must not go down this road of global ethnic profiling — looking for Arabs under our beds the way we once looked for commies. If we do — if America, the world's beacon of pluralism and tolerance, goes down that road — we will take the rest of the world with us. We will sow the wind and we will reap the whirlwind.


What ranks much higher for me is the terrible trend emerging in the world today: Sunnis attacking Shiite mosques in Iraq, and vice versa. Danish caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, and violent Muslim protests, including Muslims killing Christians in Nigeria and then Christians killing Muslims. And today's Washington Post story about how some overzealous, security-obsessed U.S. consul in India has created a huge diplomatic flap — on the eve of Mr. Bush's first visit to India — by denying one of India's most respected scientists a visa to America on the grounds that his knowledge of chemistry might be a threat. The U.S. embassy in New Delhi has apologized.

Our Question: What part of pluralism and tolerance have I missed the last six years?

And please let me give a hearty shout out to Friedman and the assholes he has apologized for during the entirety of the mess that is the Bush maladministration:


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