Sunday, February 26, 2006

Let's see...

Atta J. Turk is the following:

1. Pro Voting Rights Act;
2. Pro Equal Rights Amendment;
3. Pro Expansion of Title VII to include sexual orientation as a protected class;
4. Pro Equal Pay;
5. Pro diplomatic relations with the Palestinians even if Hamas is in power;
6. Was anti-Iraq Invasion;
7. Opposed military action against Iran, Syria, or any other nation Michael Ledeen can spell;
8. Anti-employment or civil rights discrimination against individuals on the basis of religion, including, as especially in this era, Islam.

And yet, I am against allowing a government-owned business to run American ports when that government has a track record of supportin Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and being over the top anti-Israel - once might say being incredibly anti-semitic. For example, this seems rather disturbing:

Harvard Divinity School has agreed to return a $2.5 million gift from the president of the United Arab Emirates after 18 months of controversy over the donor's alleged connection to anti-Semitic and anti-American propaganda, Harvard officials said yesterday.

While not unprecedented, the university's return of a major donation is rare. It followed a campaign by some students and faculty members to protest the inflammatory activities of a think tank named for the UAE's unelected leader, Sheik Zayed bin Sultan Nahayan. . . .

Seven of the divinity school's 39 faculty members and hundreds of students and alumni had signed petitions urging Harvard to reject the gift. The petitions cited the activities of the Abu Dhabi-based Zayed International Center for Coordination and Follow-Up, which sponsored lectures and publications claiming that Zionists -- rather than Nazis -- were responsible for the Holocaust and that the U.S. military staged the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Golly, I might as well buy me a sheet because by the assertions of Friedman, Ignatius, and Kristof I'm racist.

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