Saturday, February 18, 2006

This sums it up about right

Digby gets down to the heart of it on the "which side is more hateful" right or left:

I don't know how many ways you can say this but I'll try again: hatefulness is not confined to any particular political persuasion --- but there is only one side that makes a fucking profit at it.

One plain truth was exposed in Ann Coulter's potentially felonious voting in Florida. She has a multimillion dollar home there.

She has become filthy rich calling muslims "ragheads"; saying we should "bomb and convert" them; calling liberals traitors; and joking about the assassination of Democrats from Bill Clinton to Republican Supreme Court appointees like John Paul Stevens. And each time she gets excused and tops it off with another $20,000 speaking fee.

The equivalence is sickening Rush, Ann, Michael Savage are "provocative" and constantly have microphones stuck under their gaping maws. Liberals like an Eric Alterman, Chomsky, or even Kos, are haters. A black progressive like Obama appears on Russert and he's asked about what Harry Belafonte says on another continent. When was the last time Pat Roberts or John McCain got asked about any of the shitpile that emerges from a Limbaugh?

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