Monday, February 20, 2006

Rather pathetic

A recent survey (allegedly) of historians found these to be the top-10 mistakes of Presidents:

1. James Buchanan sitting on his hands while Southern States Seceeded;
2. Andrew Johnson's decision to sympathize with Southern Whites over Freed Blacks
3. Lyndon Johnson for the ramping up of the Vietnam War;
4. Woodrow Wilson's refusal to compromise on the Treaty of Versailles after World War I.
5. Richard Nixon's involvement in the Watergate cover-up.
6. James Madison's failure to keep the United States out of the War of 1812 with Britain.
7. Thomas Jefferson's Embargo Act of 1807, a self-imposed prohibition on trade with Europe during the Napoleonic Wars.
8. John F. Kennedy allowing the Bay of Pigs Invasion that led to the Cuban Missile Crisis.
9. Ronald Reagan and the Iran-Contra Affair, the effort to sell arms to Iran and use the money to finance an armed anti-communist group in Nicaragua.
10. Clinton's tryst with Monica.

Now some of these are certainly worthy, but I have to say many of them seem unworthy. Nos. 1 through 5 are certainly deserving.

But missing are not only the Chimperor Disgustus's Iraq War but:

(a) John Adams signing of the Alien & Sedition Act.
(b) Calvin Coolidge's insane monetary policy that caused a Depression upon History's sad sack, Herbert Hoover.
(c) William Henry Harrison's 3 hour, uncovered, inaugural address/self-delivered obituary.
(d) Franklin Pierce's drunken buggy ride and Southern Sucking up.
(e) U.S. Grant's decision to appoint scumbags to financial offices.
(f) Warren Harding's appointment of officials much like Grant causing Teapot Dome.
(g) Zachary Taylor's over indulgence on creamed cucumbers.
(h) James K. Polk's love for freshly grilled british babies.

"John Bull Jr., delicious!"

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