Thursday, February 23, 2006


Remember the Bush Administration touting the "progress" they were making in training police & security forces; contrasted with other stories about how insurgents were infiltrating the same forces.

As usual, it sure looks like the Bush Administration was effectively lying again. I know the real gasping will occur when they tell the truth.

Police said two bombs that had been planted at the mosque overnight exploded at dawn. Some local officials in Samarra said the bombers were dressed in the uniforms of Iraqi security forces. Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jafari, in one of several televised news conferences and appeals by Iraqi and U.S. leaders, said preliminary investigation into the bombing pointed to "infiltration'' of Iraqi security forces.

For those of you with strong stomachs and whose remotes broke after Olberman's show finished for the day, you may have seen dye-job propogandist Laura Ingraham on Scarborough Country. I can only imagine the laughable lying that must have been taking place on her part after a week in the "Green Zone". I can only imagine because the hell if I'd watch that shit.

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