Monday, February 20, 2006

Never take responsibility

I did see the nightmare that is Mary Matalin on Meet the Press yesterday. Many other bloggers have said many other things about it, so other than "Mary that flower could poke somebody's eye out" I won't go into much detail.

However, this is interesting and revealing:

Buried in the Time cover story, however, was one brain-teaser that could fuel more speculation, as it contradicts earlier explanations that Cheney wanted to get the full story out, he was just a bit tardy about it. The passage reads:

"At about 8 a.m. Sunday, a Cheney aide called strategist Mary Matalin, who regularly advises the Vice President. The aide read her a statement about the accident that Cheney had considered releasing before he decided to encourage Armstrong to go to the (Corpus Christi) Caller-Times.

"But the statement 'didn't say much of anything,' Matalin says—not even that Cheney was the shooter. Matalin then spoke with a second aide and with Cheney's family and heard different versions of what had happened in the shooting. She decided no statement should be released amid the confusion. Matalin spoke with Cheney, and, she says, they agreed that 'a fuller accounting, with an eyewitness,' would be preferable."

I've spent nearly two years calling Bush a moral coward on this blog. And I stand by that, but Cheney makes Bush look positively brave in comparison.

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