Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The most revealing statement of all

I don't care how many times people mistake a colostomy bag for a penis, it is quite apparent to me that Cheney is a small Dick all around, there is no more telling statement about it than this from a longer Newsweek article:

Cheney's hunting friends, who describe him as a crack shot (the veep has downed as many as 70 pheasants in a single day) as well as a by-the-book and safety-conscious hunter, don't believe he will permanently lay his gun down.

70 pheasants (not a small or plentiful bird in any way) in a day! There's only one way to do that, and that's by shooting them when they are raised in a pen and out in the open and they sit there waiting for you to gun 'em down. You might as well be using a machine gun. And, of course, he won't put his gun down. The gun is the extension of his manhood. There is a palpable self-loathing underneath a thin veneer of gigantic ego in that sort of behavior. And his friends all have it too.

Though he's a first class dickweed, I have to say I like the bitter Trent Lott much more than the non-bitter one:

Cheney is accustomed to being feared and even loathed; still, to be an object of ridicule cannot be easy. Last week Sen. Trent Lott of Mississippi, the former majority leader who was pushed out by the White House in 2002, told The Washington Post that he had greeted the vice president, who had gone to Capitol Hill to meet with some lawmakers, as the "Shooter-in-Chief." Cheney, Lott reported, did not seem amused.

No word on whether Lott was told to go fuck himself.

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