Saturday, February 21, 2009



I'm Andrew Alexander,
the new Ombudsman of the Washington Post. I know that this week in particular has seen some abysmal lies and frauds perpetrated on our readers, but enough about Charlie Krauthammer, let's talk about me. Because I'm a people person and the person I love to talk about most is me, Andy "Awesome" Alexander. Say, I'm the new Ombudsman, have a I mentioned that yet?

Therefore, I'm not going to say anything all "Ombuddy" today (and since I am that, have I said that yet? I have that right). Because the most important job of the Washington Post Ombudsman, which I now am, is to say as little as possible. Man, I love me some "oms" -- but the "buds" are fantastic I have to say. See that, that's a little Ombudsman humor -- which, I am now completely qualified to do, because I am your new Ombudsman. Please enjoy me -- relish me -- behold me -- but don't touch, just soak in some Andy goodness.

In fact, let's imbibe in me together, ready...go...

You're welcome.

No wonder we're making money hand-over-fist(ing) in this business.

Well, toddles.

Your New Ombudsman (did you know that yet?)

Andy "Awesome" Alexander

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