Friday, February 20, 2009

Just another day in conservativeland

Eric Holder made a speech, for Black History Month, asking for people to speak maturely and respectfully to one another and not let race be such an impediment.

Rush Limbaugh, called Holder’s comments “inexcusable” on his syndicated radio program

Which really means something considering in same program Limbaugh compared the psychology of Democrats to that of rapists and murderers.

FoxNews displayed the kind of maturity one would expect, by showing us what their brand journalism is all about, ending with John Gibson (possibly, it is in dispute) comparing Holder not only to a monkey, but to its "bright blue scrotum".

Meanwhile, Rupert's other property the NY Post apologized to anyone who may have thought it was comparing Obama to a monkey and shooting him -- except, of course, those who most loudly complained. "Those people", apparently, need to learn their place.

One caller to a conservative talk-show summed things up perfectly:

“Most white people I know have black friends,” another complained. “How many white friends do black people you know have? That’s the problem.”

Yeah, good use of logic there genius! Care to contemplate that statement a tad more?

Have fun Michael Steele.

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