Friday, February 20, 2009

Why I'm Not Moving to Montana After All

Last night, noted blogger and Bobblespeak Translations author Culture of Truth and I ventured to that most sacred temple to Liberal Elitism to hear the world's coolest, cuddliest, grumpiest grandpa ever discuss his latest book, which is about two world-class losers who used the power vested in them by the state of New York to do hits for the mob. I'm glad no one asked him if David Berkowitz still writes him letters. He confirmed that, yes, there really was a garbage disposal in the form of a lion in the basement at 51 President Street back in the day. He told us about running for city council president (on a ticket with mayoral candidate Norman Mailer). He talked about attending funerals for young guys killed in Iraq (and the courageous young woman who approached a general at one of those funerals to ask, "Why is my boyfriend dead?") and about how he thinks the war is killing our culture in addition to our kids and about how he's disappointed that Obama's sending 17,000 troops to Afghanistan. He compared a guy who graduated from Brooklyn Tech and wound up testifying against the aforementioned losers to Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov. He talked bout Richmond Hill and Ozone Park and the Lion's Head, about why Warren Buffet was boring, about how Studs Turkel was prescient (because he new Obama was going to be president before anyone else), and how education (and RICO) had laid the mob low. And just when I'd started to really marvel at the riches that are this one man's experiences he told us about the day two weeks ago when he ran into shakedown Rod Blagojevich when Blago was in town to do Letterman.

Could I do that in Montana?

P.S. En route, C/T and I sat across from what had to be the wingnuttiest wingnut in all of New York. She was wearing a huge button that said, "I want my country back". The "O" in "country" was an Obama logo and it took every ounce of strength I had not to say, "Suck it, wingnut!"

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