Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Over the line

Well, well, well:

President Barack Obama met with 10 members of the press today over lunch at the White House — two from each network. The guest list consisted of ABC's Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos, CBS' Katie Couric and Bob Schieffer, NBC's Brian Williams and David Gregory, CNN's Wolf Blitzer and John King and FNC's Bret Baier and Chris Wallace...

Stephanopoulos tweeted about it after leaving. "Terrific sense of what Obama thinking and feeling. Clearly relishes job--esp tough decisions," he writes. He also gave a glimpse at the menu. "Lobster bisque w beignets, seared Virginia bass w leeks and pot, pound cake w fruit compote and lemon sorbet,"

Charlie Gibson was so agitated over those making a quarter-million a year getting their taxes raised he no doubt left with many, many "stimulus dime bags".

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