Thursday, February 26, 2009

Things that don't go over well anywhere

Having folks from some other region of the country, come into your region of the country, and call you all a bunch of incompetent rubes. Or worse yet, accuse a Minnesotan of being dishonest.

States have their own self-images. You could probably accuse Illinois politics of dishonesty and get away with it there, because well, they are used to their culture. However, I'm sure there are buzzwords that don't work there if you point the finger at a politician. But in Minnesota, deserved or not (and in this case it's the later) you don't say that in the Gopher State without any evidence.

Yet, that is the Norm Coleman strategy apparently, bound and determined to take the Minnesota Republicans down with him, by hiring the same obnoxious that once defended and proclaimed the exact opposite in Florida.

Oh, good plan.

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