Sunday, February 15, 2009


Republicans love calling Democrats "socialists" which has the benefit of not only being sadly incorrect (I only WISH they were more socialist) but also rather non-damning (oh, those damn crazy Scandanavians and their free health care, unions, low crime rates, and hot swimsuit models). Ideological Socialists (as opposed to those who merely throw it in their name as in "National Socialist" or "Union of Soviet Socialists") have the historical advantage of being the least violent revolutionaries this side of Gandhi.

But the GOP gets to throw these labels around willy-nilly without punishment all while lately self-describing themselves as revolutionaries.

Combine that with the last "8 years" of non-accomplishment and making a felonious, thrice-married, obese, racist, drug-addict as your spokesmodel and you've got the makings or a real minority party.

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