Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh my...

Even with CPAC in town, the Washington version of Rick Santelli's "tea party" looks to have gotten maybe three or four dozen supporters. Including Michelle Malkin -- who must have been totally thrilled to show off her megaphone skills -- she's hoping to someday to direct all manner of minorities back into internment camps, thrilled with the prospect of being a Capo.

And then non-Joe the non-plumber was there because, well what the fuck else does he have to do?

And just whether you are wondering, the sign above, NOT A PHOTOSHOP.

UPDATE: The 'teabaggers' got all of maybe 400 people to show up for a small meandering march in Chicago, the home of the Santelli Tea Party.

When we reached the Michigan Ave Bridge, a tea bag was broken open and dumped into the river to signify the birth of a new American Revolution.

Yeah, shine on you crazy diamond, shine one.

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