Friday, February 20, 2009

Two pathetically covered stories

1. The asshole freakout on CNBC yesterday decrying the mortgage bailout to those in trouble. I'm sure that guy thought bailing out AIG, Bank of America, and CitiGroup was AWESOME. NBC managed to whore itself last night and made this guys diatribe the lead story. The ability of Americans to kick their fellow Americans when they're down -- but totally accept a bank bailout for the abusive but powerful, is sickening. What a bunch of decrepit bullies.

2. OH NOZ, Iran has enough "enriched uranium" to build a bomb. Yeah, genius, except they haven't done that yet have they -- nor shown any desire to do so, as of yet? You have to make enriched uranium capable of being weapons grade. Yet, the BOMB 'EM 'TIL THE RUBBLE BOUNCES brigade will be out in force today (no doubt also cursing the mortgage bailout). Golly, another country wants to bomb me, that sure sounds like the world's worst incentive for not building "the" bomb.

...speaking of which, Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast, is right. Dick Cheney & Scooter Libby managed to ruin the cover of Valerie Plame for pure politics. Maybe we could have used her and her specialization (preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear material) the last five years?



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