Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What Network Talking Heads think is REALLY important...

The irony and reaction to this compared to say, the Bush Administration and the British Government lying to get a war started resulting in tens if not hundreds of thousands killed in Iraq is truly stunning and revolting (plus all the money we've spent that never gets mentioned because the public option is so very very evil on those poor insurance companies). Last night AT THE OPENING of the NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams said this:

Good evening. Because this is a family broadcast, we probably can't say what we'd like to about the news today that Mark McGwire—the home run hitter, the family favorite from the St. Louis Cardinals—stopped lying today and admitted that he did it while on steroids. For those of us who were raising young baseball fans and baseball players who looked up to Mark McGwire, that summer of ‘98 was magical stuff, as he and Sammy Sosa vied back and forth for the title of Single Season Home Run King. He didn't tell the truth to Congress or to his fans until finally, formally coming clean today. He's been unable to get into the Hall of Fame and, apparently—even for him—the shame here was too much.

And here come the dry heaves, because I have nothing left to barf at what is considered newsworthy.

Fucked up disastrous war mongering, will get you booked and set for life.

Take a few steroids, you're as bad as Hitler.

Cue Lee Greenwood.

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