Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Torture at GITMO -- Oh, those Bush Administration Pranksters

Alright, freely admitted, the Independent is a liberal newspaper -- and it makes no bones about it. But it is hardly a Murdochian broad-street Rag, like the Sun or its American Equivalent, the NY Post, essentially a boobless Sun. In short, its a credible paper.

However, this article is well-sourced and disturbing and involves clear charges of the blatant illegal torture at a facility exclusively run by Americans, in particular Major General Miller.

Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay were subjected to Abu Ghraib-style torture and sexual humiliation in which they were stripped naked, forced to sodomise one another and taunted by naked female American soldiers, according to a new report.

Some of the abuse has been captured on videotape.


Those prisoners with the most conservative Muslim backgrounds were the most likely to be subjected to sexual humiliation and abuse while those from westernised backgrounds were more likely to suffer solitary confinement and physical mistreatment.

A great there was a method to the debauchery.

"There was a clear policy to try to force people to abandon their religious faith," says one extract of the report, obtained by The Independent.

Oh, so General Boykin was involved.

One factor which links Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib is Gen Geoffrey Miller, the former commander of the Cuban prison who left to take charge of Abu Ghraib in August last year. Mr Miller reportedly told his staff in Iraq that his intention was to turn the prison into an intelligence hub and "Gitmoize" the operation (Guantanamo is known in the US as Gitmo).

The allegations in the report match those made by other released prisoners. This week the French newspaper Libération detailed claims by two French men who said they had been physically and sexually abused, urinated on and refused medical treatment. And in a sworn statement yesterday, Tarek Dergoul, another Briton, said he had been beaten, tied up "like a beast", sprayed with pepper gun and had his head forced down the toilet. He claimed the brutality was recorded on video. The Foreign Office said yesterday no allegations of ill-treatment had been passed to British officials when they visited inmates.

Well that's a sweet story.

And now supporting the Independent is the BBC.

Wake up media. The legit UK press is schooling you.

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