Sunday, September 11, 2005

Why are they Saints after they have passed?

I have often wondered what are the reasons that the media fall over themselves with accolades after a controversial figure dies? Of course, I wonder about this same effect in real life as well. When folks that we know who pass beyond the veil who were nasty, mean people suddenly they become saints. I say, call them what they were -- that means worts and all -- dare we consider people to be real people rather than some false image that is constructed after the fact.

We are witnessing the same process occuring in that area of misreality known as Washington D.C.

Washington's journalists, pundits, and talking heads are falling over themselves to praise the man and legacy of the late Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist. However, just like the aunts who overlook the meanspirited relative, these so-called opinion leaders are ignoring Rhenquist's racist poll watching and his "dark legacy of politicizing the American courts." If that legacy is not recognized, discussed, and demonstrated -- and not reversed -- the traditional little democratic idea of the sanctity and rule of law may have irrevocably come to the end of the road.

For the story of how Rehnquist turned America's highest courts into an enforcement arm of the Neoconservative agenda and another political organ of the GOP, check out

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