Saturday, January 14, 2006

Fuckface Junior

From the Cornhole:

ZAWAHIRI [Jonah Goldberg]

While I am 100% positive Jim agrees, it's also worth saying what Jim left unsaidt. Zawihir was also "asking for it" because he's a mass murderering Jihadi nutbag who has declared war on America.

Oh, and it's looking like maybe he isn't dead.

Posted at 07:50 AM

No mention, of course, of 18 to 30 folks, including women and children dead. It's not worth a mention by the Doughy Pantload.

Given his position on strip-searching innocent kids by proximity to potential illegal activity, it should come as no surprise Goldberg doesn't give a shit about at least a dozen and a half dead "non-white people" because they had "regional proximity" to Al Zawahiri.

Only someone like Jonah Goldberg could, on the one-hand, accurately call someone a mass murdering nutbag while ignoring the elephant in the room -- that the Bush/Cheney Corporation is pretty damn good at the same practice.

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