Tuesday, January 10, 2006

"You Broads have to know your place!"

If it wasn't for the out and out mendaciousness of it all, I'd probably get a good laugh out of people like Kate O'Beirne, who because of the efforts of feminists manage to actually make a decent living, belittling the movement that allowed her to make a decent living. But I noticed that quality bloggers like Jane Hamsher are getting into this topic, so I better speak out for the blogging riff-raff.

This seems to be something that right-wingers are allowed to do that they are never allowed to do with other civil rights pioneers. Michael Steele and Clarence Thomas might have Martin Luther King turning in his grave so much they might as well call his crypt a rotisserie, but they would never belittle King or the movement as overtly. But folks like O'Beirne and Coulter have no such scrupple. It's some unique form of self-delusional, self-hatred. And, yet it is considered acceptable in polite society in a way that wearing a sheet isn't, much to the private chagrin of many a freeper.

Just this last weekend, as the magpies at "Moron Junction" started pushing O'Beirne's book they came out and laid the hypocrisy down in a stark manner.

Naturally, this came in the excreble form of Kathryn "I didn't choose Virginity, it chose Me" Lopez. While right-wingers bash the left for "not supporting the troops" when the latter doesn't support them dying, K-Lo makes no pretense of which troops she supports:

If you read the mom-at-war piece in the Washington Post piece today, you really need to get yourself Women Who Make the World Worse to see how we got to the point where we're deploying moms to Iraq. Kate, who served on George H. W. Bush's Presidential Commission on Women in the Armed Forces, has a chapter devoted to feminist politics in the Pentagon.
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I'm sure that the obvious never dawns on Lopez -- that we got to the point of deploying "moms" to Iraq because the Chimperor Disgustus and his minions are lying sacks of shit who couldn't manage a vending machine let alone a war. While they spend their time taking every swipe possible at a grieving mother who opposes the war, they in essense tell the women who serve that they are nothing but bra burning, non-shaving, "dykes on bikes". Support the troops, sure -- as long as they have a penis.

What fucking excrement. And they're going to question our patriotism?

Naturally, of course, this extends most specifically into the day-to-day lives of American women. For the first self-defeating argument of their decrying of feminists I'd like to put forward my strongest and most obvious argument:

-- K-Lo & O'Beirne manage to get paid for their writing. Anyone who has ever visited "the intersection of Banality Street & Imbecility Avenue" is struck by the "quality of the writing". 'Highlights' magazine has deeper thought and better editing (and better puzzles too!). If their ability to make an income isn't a demonstration of the effectiveness of the feminist movement I don't know what is. Though, obviously, if feminism gives us O'Beirne and Lopez that certainly would give one pause until the smelling salts are administered and one realizes all the good things it has brought as well.

Let's just sum it up by pointing out the obvious -- that they do not get the obvious. Look no further than the cover of O'Beirne's book (now being pushed up the best seller list by the mass market buys the right-wing loves so much):

Ha, ha, funny with the caricature of Ginsburg, Clinton (oh how they hate her), Fonda, and Sarah Jessica Parker (couldn't be Coulter after all). It's funny when you can overemphasize people's looks for "the funny".

And I'm not even going to get into your choppers! Of all the people to make fun of another's teeth! Having watched many episodes of the Capital Gang over the years, I'm amazed people didn't form the impression that between you and Novak being a right-wing nut job causes tooth-decay.

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