Friday, May 18, 2012

And then a book on when to start wars...

Just what the world has been demanding:
according to the New York Times, [George W. Bush] plans to release a book in two months that will lay out his advice on boosting economic growth...
Let me guess:

"First, have someone buy you a flight suit...hehehe...preferably somebody with one of those Harvard Ph.Ds. Next have someone buy you an aircraft carrier..."

Sure, this sounds jaw-droppingly stupid.

On the other hand TED would probably release video of him talking about the subject.

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StonyPillow said...

With lots of pictures. It lets you know you're holding the book right-side up.

Scott Drager said...

I hope it has a chapter on Diplomacy!

jimmiraybob said...

Somewhere someone is translating stick figures and random scrawling to text. A team of editors will then scour the resulting letters and numbers to discern a semi-coherent pattern of thought. A Neoconservative think tank, convened in Dick Cheney's basement, will then mold that into a policy position.

Condi Rice is on standby to reprise her "Night of the Mushroom Cloud" role.

It'll be magic.

Anonymous said...

Then you sit there for seven minutes...hehehe...while the country is being you time to work out how yer gonna exploit it to do what you wanted before.

Anonymous said...

We should encourage Chimp to go on an extended high-publicity book tour. Anything that puts this lazy fratboy asshole in the public eye reminds the low-information population why they should never let a Repuke in the White House again.

Mr. Hedley Bowes said...

Prologue: FDR Stole My Granddaddy's Bank
Ch 1: The Silver Spoon
Ch 2: On Boarding
Ch 3: Mastering the Gentleman's C
Ch 4: Poppy's Long Coattails
Ch 5: On The Purchase of Elections
Ch 6: Ooops! Did they really mean to do that?
Ch 7: My Base
Ch 8: On Handing Over Middle Class Wealth to the .01% via Engineered Market Collapse
Ch 9: Sell the Ranch
Epilogue: The Book Deal

I estimate the tome will run about 20 pages.