Saturday, May 19, 2012

But, but

We didn't have a chance to bomb or threaten to bomb fuck all!?
Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng - who was at the centre of a diplomatic crisis with Washington - is on his way to the United States. The blind activist and his family boarded a flight to Newark, near New York, after being taken from a Beijing hospital to the capital's airport.
But two weeks ago...
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Thursday the Obama administration had "failed" to protect a blind Chinese dissident by factoring political considerations into the negotiations that ultimately led him to leave the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.
On the other hand, with Mr. Guangcheng in this country, there are plenty of opportunities for Romney to get his giggles by tricking him into walking into closed doors or closets.


jimmiraybob said...

Nothing fails like an Obama success.

Silly and pathetic Republican Teabirchvangelicals.

Anonymous said...

IF Guangcheng's cane gets through the Obamanable TSA "security" gauntlet!